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More Than A Product


I don’t see Equi-Spa as simply a range of grooming and wellness products for horses. I see them as part of a larger lifestyle, one predicated on living in balance with nature. Where horses, humans, and the environment all coexist in harmony. That is why I want Equi-Spa to be more than just a product line; I aim to offer advice and guidance on holistic and natural approaches to horse care. Beyond just aromatherapy, I believe in other methods of caring for these beautiful animals.

Horse-care starts with strong values

The amazing relationship between an owner and their horse is truly profound. Grooming is more than just cleaning, it’s a time to connect and bond. There’s nothing more wonderful than the time you spend together in a care ritual. Using natural products made without any harsh chemicals or toxins is a way to profoundly improve that care. When you use Equi-Spa’s line of handcrafted grooming products you are treating your horse with the same care and love you want in return.

Supporting the whole through wellness

Grooming is only one part of caring for your horse. Supporting their mental and physical well-being is also incredibly important. I’ve seen how essential oils applied topically with a carrier oil and aromatherapy have changed the lives of many horses. With this knowledge, I’ve seen horses get the pain and stress relief they’ve desperately needed. Equi-Spa products are more than just about keeping a coat shiny, they are about helping your horse live a healthy natural life.

I’m really proud of the work we’ve done together and my greatest hope is to help more people see the benefits of living a more natural life.




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