Not So Sweet Itch Gel Formula


Eliminate mane and tail rubbing.

Soothes and moisturizes the skin and hair
Reduces rubbing due to dry itchy skin
Promotes healing and new hair growth

Same great Not So Sweet Itch ingredients blended into soothing organic aloe vera.

Designed for horses sensitive to sprays and hard to reach areas.

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This blend of soothing witch-hazel and pure essential oils provides quick relief to sore and inflamed skin, while natural plant extracts and moisturizing coconut oil promote skin repair and new hair growth.

Gentle enough for sensitive areas.

Apply around the dock of the tail, or anywhere the horse is rubbing. Softly brush or sponge into the skin.

Not So Sweet Itch Gel Formula features the same great ingredients as Not So Sweet Itch, blended in soothing organic aloe vera gel.

Some horses are sensitive to sprays, especially around the face. Some areas are difficult to spray (midline belly area) and this is why I developed Not So Sweet Formula in a gel formula.

8oz squeeze bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

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Weight 8 oz


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