• ShowCoat Leave in Conditioner

    ShowCoat Leave in Conditioner

    ShowCoat Conditioning treatment is a fabulous leave-in coat conditioner and with out silicone, which can clog pores and make mane and tail brittle. It will not make saddle area slippery.

    “Will keep a clean horse shiny for days. Not slippery on saddle area”

    – Horse Journal

    Frequent and regular use creates a “Show Glow” and fluffy tangle free mane and tail. Does not attract dust. Spray on all over for a natural shine and moisturizing treatment. Spray into tail and mane, let set just a minute or two and brush with a large flat paddle type brush. ShowCoat has a natural cleaning ability from the witch Hazel and a natural moisturizing property from the coconut oil. The botanical essential oils are soothing and calming to the horse and have cell renewable properties that help the growth and regrowth of mane and tail. Shake Well before use.

    Hint: Sprayed into tail before trail riding helps burrs slide out easier with out breaking hair. really good for “wind braids”.

    ShowCoat Conditioning Treatment comes in a 32 ounce bottle for $22.00

    32 oz Spray Bottle

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    32 Ounce Bottle

    32 Ounce Bottle

    32 oz Spray Bottle

    32 oz Spray Bottle


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