• Sheath and Udder Cleaner

    Sheath and Udder Cleaner

    “No soaps at all. Pleasent to use. An excellent choice for sensitive horses… rinses easily”

    – Horse Journal

    No one likes the task of Sheath or Udder cleaning. Especially Sheath cleaning! However it is a task that must be done as regular maintenance to keep your Stallion and Gelding healthy. Smegma can build up around the shaft inside the sheath which can be a breeding ground for yeast and other infections if not regularly cleaned. Also hardened smegma called “beans” can build up inside the shaft blocking or limiting urine flow.

    Mares need to have the area between the teats cleaned as well to avoid irritation and yeast infection due to build up of hardened material from sweat, grime and dead skin cells. It could be painful to just peel this debris from the area with out softening and even dissolving the built up material.

    Equi-Spa Aromatherapy Sheath Cleaner helps soften, deodorize, moisturize and protect. Aloe Vera and organic vegetable based Glycerin Soften and disolve debris and help reduce inflammation. Soy oil moisturizes the tender skin and softens debris. Australian Tea Tree oil and Chamomile deodorize, and cleanse.

    I recommend gloves to apply the serum generously to the sheath and shaft. Spread around the whole area including the top and bottom of the shaft area and all the way to the back. You can leave it in for 10-15 minutes for hard to remove debris, or reapply as necessary . Be sure to use your pinky finger to check for and remove “beans”. Rinse Lightly with warm water to remove loosened debris.

    For Mares just apply to the whole teat area and gently start removing hardened material from between and round teat . Gently rinse to remove all loosened debris. You can also reapply to the teat area with out worry of irritation to soften and moisturize this area. Also soothing for mares udders during weaning.

    Horse Journal recommends using a tea tree based sheath cleaner to soften the scabs from scratches to help remove them with out more tissue damage. Also, the aloe vera will help soothe the skin underneath tender from scratches or mud fever.

    14 oz Tube


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