• Peppermint Summer Protection

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      Peppermint Summer Protection An Aromatic Botanical Barrier to protect your horse against hot weather irritants.

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    Peppermint Summer Protection: Protective Aromatic Deodorant Barrier Against Hot Weather Irritants . I use it every time I ride!

    “Peppermint summer protection ROCKS”
    – Camie Cambridge Iowa

    “My horses dont dance away when I spray them with your products”
    – Brenda Minnesota

    “I love Peppermint Summer Protection…thank you for making theses products”
    – Linda San Antonio Texas

    “Best smelling spray in our test (2007)… pleasant to use… works very well for several hours”
    – Horse Journal 2007 and 2008 trials

    “ I love your peppermint spray. . I also feel fine that I am not spraying harsh chemicals on the horses. We also bought a bottle of the muscle relaxant. I use it on my TB’s back after riding. I think he loves it! You are making great products that are based on natural ingredients. So glad we went to Catalpa Corner in Iowa and met horse people using your products. I will pass the word here in southeast Kansas. “



    People have found some interesting uses for this product. One woman in sprays it in the barn during the winter to prevent one of her donkeys from having heaves. Most customers tell me that their horses love the product and dont “dance” away from it. I have found that especially sensitive horses respond well to all my products.

    When you think about the harsh chemicals that you are spraying on your horse…consider this…you are inhaling them too. Not Good. Most commercial sprays state that you should wash your hands after using. Why would you want to put something on your horse that you have to wash off your hands?

    Peppermint summer Protection comes in a 32 ounce spray bottle for $24.00. Below is an article that outlines aromatherapy and the benefits of peppermint.

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    Peppermint: The Essential OilPeppermint is used by the food industry as a flavoring and by the cosmetic industry as a fragrance. Since these industries are looking for only the flavor or the fragrance, they usually use food- grade or commercial-grade essential oils.Peppermint as a therapeutic-grade essential oil has many properties, including analgesic (relieves pain), anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation), antimicrobial (destroys or resists pathogenic micro- organisms), antiseptic (limits or stops the growth of microscopic germs), antispasmodic (alleviates muscle tension and eases cramps), antiviral (kills or inhibits the growth of viruses), astringent (causes contraction of organic tissues), expectorant (expels mucus from the respiratory tract), vasoconstrictor (induces or initiates constriction of blood vessels), febrifuge (reduces fever) and cephalic (stimulates brain activity).

    Peppermint Summer Protection An Aromatic Botanical Barrier to protect your horse against hot weather irritants.

    It’s made from natural, pesticide-free, plant-based components that are safe for horses of all ages including lactating mares.

    32 oz Spray Bottle

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