• Cooling Tea Tree Gel

    Heal and Soothe Tea Tree Gel

    Cooling and Soothing Tea Tree oil is great for reducing stress and soothing overworked muscles, especially back, haunches, shoulders, and hocks of the horse. Based in organic aloe vera, known to be effective in soothing and cooling hot tired muscles; combined with natural stress relieving pure grade essential oils such as black pepper, rosemary, clove, and wintergreen for example; and blended with witch hazel a great natural tonic for skin, grown and distilled in the USA, this gel is safe and effective to apply as often as needed. Feels cooling to hot skin and joints and soothing to stressed muscles.

    Cooling Soothing Tea Tree Gel smells great and feels even better! Perfect to use in places were spray is not easy. Easy to apply over large areas and helps allow muscles to stretch more readily improving mobility

    Many horse owners order a second tube for themselves. Many massage therapist use this on their human clients. Can be used under wraps or blankets. Will not burn.

    I also use it on my Friesians mane because I keep him braided and the gel keeps it from being irritating and also helps prevent dry skin at the crest.

    Look for new packaging coming out this spring!

    8 oz Tube



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