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    Formulated in a base of Bees wax and soy wax with no petrochemical. I use this balm to protect skin and coat from external irritants. It is a good barrier against summer pests. Helps moisturize and soften dry irritated skin allowing for natural healing to take place. 8 oz tub is $16.00

    The Balm. 8 oz Tub $16.00



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    Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for getting the products to me so quickly, and also to tell you that your Balm is absolutely incredible! I put it on my mare with the worst black fly bites she’s ever had and turned her out. By the time I brought her back in that night, the scabs were gone and the bites were healing. Put some more on overnight and by the next morning, he skin was almost smooth. She got a few more bites during that day, but nothing like what had been happening. I’m going to order a jar today to be sent to a friend who has a NSH with terrible reactions to all bug bites. It starts with the black flies and just never goes away all summer no matter what they do. Since we’re leaving for a trip on Friday, I’ll have it sent directly to her so she doesn’t have to wait for me to get back home. Anyway, thank you again for your courtesy and your wonderful products! Oh, yes – and your Grapefruit Body Refresh really saved the day yesterday. I was showing one horse and then riding another in our drill team performance. The drill team horse (a very black Moresian) came in from the paddock totally coated in dirt! I had about 15 minutes to change clothes, tack and have a clean horse ready to perform! After getting the worst off him – at least it was dry – he still looked gray. Luckily I had the bottle with me – the other horse I was showing is also black and tends to find dirt anywhere he is – so I used it all over MacGregor and toweled him off. He was his beautiful shiny black self when I hit the arena for the performance! Great stuff!! – Lyn


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