Fairy Tails

Fairy Tails for a “Happily Ever After” beautiful finish and tangle free Manes and Tails


For a beautiful finish tangle free mane and tail

Formulated with Botanical Extracts, Pure Essential Oils , Minerals and Amino Acids to detangle, manage and enhance tails Naturally!

Non -Toxic and safe to use on all classes of horses and coated dogs.  Best Results on a Clean Tail.

Try Equi-Spa’s Not So Sweet Itch Body Wash with Chamomile, Great for cleansing and conditioning Tails too!

8oz Lotion,  a thick luxurious lotion that will soften your hands as you apply a generous amount to the tail.  Work Fairy Tails Lotion in through out the length of the tail and let set a minute or two while you groom.  Gently brush from the bottom to the top of the tail.  Best for heaver tails or horses who have issues with sprays.  You may notice on finer tails the tail will appear fuller and fluffy the next day.  Long lasting results.


16 oz Spray is formulated with botanical humectants and conditioners to easily  beautify, enhance and detangle manes and tails.  Spray a generous amount through out the length of the tail and gently brush from the bottom up.  On heavier tails or really deep tangles, you may need to reapply.  Best on a clean tail.   Easy to rebrush the next day too!


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Made in the heartland of the USA!