Welcome to Equi-Spa

Equi-Spa, excellent for sensitive horses. All natural, non toxic products for all classes of horses and dogs, are made in the U.S.A. by certified Aromatherapist. All ingredients are 100% pure Aromatherapy grade , essential oils in a base of soothing witch hazel and pesticide free, non-clogging fractionated coconut oil.

We do not use any petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients.
Equi-spa makes every effort to insure safe quality ingredients through documentation and careful sourcing including using U.S.A. produced ingredients and packaging if available.

Safe, gentle, natural horse care products by Equi-Spa are essential for supporting the appearance, performance, attitude, general health and well being of horses, and peace of mind for the horse lover.

About Equi-Spa

I have been an aroma therapist for the last 15 years, practicing on human clientele before focusing on the benefits of essential oils for horses. In 2002 West Nile was migrating from east to west, leaving in its wake many fatalities. Horses, humans and dogs alike were impacted by this disease. Listening to the advice of the media, I used DEET products on myself, my family and just about anything that didn't run away. I experienced a very negative reaction to DEET, so I made my own blend of essential oils to protect my family from the effects of West Nile. I was not comfortable using harsh chemicals on my horses, so I tried many of the "natural" insect repellents for horses. I found them to be ineffective. I felt they were either not strong enough or the plant oils were not pure grade. I tried my "human" formula on my horses and noticed not only did it work for flies and mosquitoes, but their attitude was calmer, they were less sluggish, warmed up faster, and their coats were getting more and more healthy. I threw out all of my old grooming products and created all new products for use on my horses. They absolutely glowed! That is how Equi-Spa products were born.

About Aromatherapy for Animals

Aromatherapy is based on the beneficial properties of plants and flowers. Essential oils contain concentrated amounts of the beneficial compounds found in plants and are extracted though various methods. Aromatherapy is considered complimentary to traditional horse care methods. In the wild, horses can forage for plants to keep their systems in balance. Domesticated horses have limited access to a broad range of forage and depend on us to provide for most all of their needs. Aromatherapy is a means of enhancing the quality of care we provide. Horses respond dramatically well to essential oils, recognizing the most beneficial for their individual needs. Equi-Spa products address these special needs and was formulated to work harmoniously with the PH levels of the skin and coat, protecting the natural oils that keep them in a healthy balance.